The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) offers grant funds to create new Georgia College and Career Academies (GCCA) in the State of Georgia.

GCCA student using a microscope
GCCA student using a microscope in a lab

As defined in SB 161 (OCGA 20-4-37), signed by Governor Nathan Deal on May 11, 2011, a “College and Career Academy” means a “specialized charter school established by a partnership which demonstrates a collaboration between business, industry, and community stakeholders to advance workforce development between one or more local boards of education, a private individual, a private organization, or a state or local public entity in cooperation with one or more postsecondary institutions and approved by the State Board of Education in accordance with Article 31 of Chapter 2 of title 20 of the Official Code of Georgia.”

SB 161 also establishes the Office of College and Career Transitions within the Technical College System of Georgia, with responsibility for providing oversight and support to College and Career Academies.

Through this initiative, the Georgia College and Career Academy Project (GCCAP) grants will be awarded in a competitive process and will support the development of College and Career Academies that serve high school students and, depending on local circumstances and needs, also allow for the possibility of serving adult learners in a community. These College and Career Academies will provide quality educational opportunities that will increase the percentage of children graduating from high school and help students make successful transitions to postsecondary education and career pathways that offer advancement and growth potential.

The Office of College and Career Academies is excited that the TCSG has been awarded $3,000,000 to help start one new College and Career Academy. The GCCAP 17 grant process is now open. Please download the Grant Packet and Grant Roll-Out presentation for further information. Follow the following link to this year’s grant portal:

Please contact Executive Director Ben McCumber with Grant Inquiries

Bennett E. McCumber
Executive Director
Secondary Initiatives/College and Career Academies
404.679.5830  Office | 470.654.6257 Cell

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