TCSG Announces $1 million in HDCI Program funds.

About the High Demand Apprenticeship Program (HDAP)

In 2022, the High Demand Career Initiatives (HDCI) Program, authorized by Georgia Senate Bill 379, was signed into law by Governor Brian P. Kemp. As Georgia’s first-ever state-funded apprenticeship initiative. The program provides funding to Georgia employers to incentivize the creation and expansion of registered apprenticeship programs throughout the state. It aims to both upskill Georgians and increase skilled talent within Georgia’s high-demand industries. In May 2024, legislation was passed to update the program’s name from High Demand Career Initiatives (HDCI) to High Demand Apprenticeship Program (HDAP). Additional changes include increasing the apprentice cap from 5 to 10 apprentices, expanding priority to youth and individuals in adult education and establishing the public service apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeships in Action

About Registered Apprenticeship Programs in Georgia

A Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is an employer-led workforce development model and strategy designed to provide employers with additional support to train skilled workers and meet growing workforce needs. RAPs serve as valuable investments into local workforce as they combine real work experience with classroom learning all while providing a paid job to apprentices. Furthermore, registered apprentices not only benefit from acquiring and mastering high-demand skills, but also tend to achieve higher wages, and more upward mobility within their employer and industry. Currently, Georgia has more than 10,000 active apprentices in Registered Apprenticeship Programs.

Caleb - an apprentice who recommends apprenticeship programs.
Joshua - an apprentice who recommends apprenticeship programs.

Apprenticeships for High Demand Apprenticeship Program (HDAP)

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CSG Celebrates Apprenticeship Week with Announcement of 2024 Apprenticeship Awards to Georgia Businesses

ATLANTA, GA–The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) today announced the awards of the second year of the High Demand Career Initiative (HDCI) Program supporting Georgia businesses with the creation and expansion of Registered Apprenticeships. These awards represent the first part of the state’s annual investment of more than $1 million into apprenticeships for Georgia’s workforce and business community.

 “There is no better way to celebrate the impact of apprenticeships on Georgia than to recognize Georgia businesses that are committed to connecting Georgians to quality, skilled jobs,” said TCSG Commissioner Greg Dozier. “With the continued support of the Governor and legislature, Georgia is not only a leader in job creation, but also leading the way in how Georgians access career pathways, like registered apprenticeships.” 

six men looking into diesel engine of truck
Southern Crescent Technical College diesel mechanic apprentices at Peterbilt Atlanta

In 2022, Governor Kemp and lawmakers created the HDCI Program, representing a historic investment in apprenticeships in Georgia. The HDCI Program awards up to $50,000 in funding to Georgia businesses to upskill workers through registered apprenticeships and increase skilled talent within Georgia’s high-demand industries. The HDCI Program has led to the creation of 224 apprentices and more than $11 million in added income into Georgia’s economy each year upon program completions.

“The HDCI Program exemplifies the opportunities that Georgia offers to both businesses and workforce alike,” said Deputy Commissioner of Workforce Development Karen Kirchler. “Apprenticeships build and train the next generation of talent in real time, resulting in stronger businesses and high wages for communities across the state.”

November 13 through 17, 2023 has been proclaimed Apprenticeship Week in Georgia by Governor Kemp. Click here to see the 2024 HDCI Program Award List. The next application window of the HDCI Program is expected to open in February 2024.

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