The HDCI team is utilizing the information that has been gathered to develop and manage industry-specific task forces. These task forces are composed of business representatives and key stakeholders from each industry. The purpose of each task force will be to analyze the current situation and future expectations (identifying acute workforce needs) and to develop innovative strategies for addressing those needs. Currently, there are five active HDCI Industry Task Forces: Aerospace, Construction, Film, Information Technology, and Logistics. There are plans to expand to additional in-demand industries based on the bandwidth of the HDCI Team.

Industry Task Force Aerospace

HDCI Aerospace Task Force

The HDCI Aerospace Task Force brings together partners from across the aerospace industry to expand educational and training opportunities for a variety of in-demand careers. The Aerospace Industry has a…

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Industry Task Force Construction

HDCI Construction Task Force

The HDCI Construction Task Force Launched in May, 2017. The goal of the task force is to fill the workforce pipeline with more skilled tradesmen and modernize the construction industry’s…

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Industry Task Force Film

HDCI Film Task Force

The HDCI Film Task Force was created to address the workforce needs of the quickly growing film and entertainment industry. The economic impact of the industry grew to an unprecedented…

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Industry Task Force Information Tecahnology

HDCI Information Technology Task Force

The HDCI Information Technology Task Force was created in response to the acute need for Next Generation Tech Talent identified by employers in the first two years of the initiative.…

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Industry Task Force Logistics

HDCI Logistics Task Force

The HDCI Logistics Task Force was created to address the ever-changing workforce needs of Georgia’s Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics (TDL) industry. The convergence of e-commerce accelerating demand for supply chain…

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