The Technical College System has a total of 21 law enforcement agencies and 2 campus safety departments serving 88 campuses statewide. All TCSG law enforcement officers are GA POST certified and empowered with the same authority and responsibilities granted to other GA POST certified peace officers across the state.

Georgia Law Enforcement Certification Program

All of the TCSG law enforcement agencies are currently undergoing the process for state certification through the Georgia Law Enforcement Certification Program (GLECP). The GA Association of Chiefs of Police is in charge of state certification, and here is what they have to say about the program:

“Certification status represents a significant professional achievement for a law enforcement agency. Certification acknowledges the implementation of policies and procedures conceptually sound and operationally effective. Certification is about best practices. The Certification Program provides a comprehensive blueprint for effective, professional law enforcement. It is the role of the Georgia Law Enforcement Certification Program to establish standards promoting professionalism in law enforcement, oversee the State Certification process, and award certification status to Georgia Law Enforcement agencies that meet the established standards.”


· Professionalism

· Operational Guidance

· Positive Community Support

· Transparency

· Ethical Conduct

· Liability Protection

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