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Governor Zell Miller and Shirley Miller


Our History: In 1990, Governor Zell Miller launched the Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP) as a means of combating the problems caused by low adult literacy levels. Governor Miller’s widow, Shirley Carver Miller, has continued to work on behalf of improving adult literacy across the state of Georgia. CLCPs are under the administration of the Office of Adult Education at the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG). Georgia is an educational innovator with its utilization of CLCPs to improve adult literacy rates.

CLCPs bring together stakeholders across the community to form a network of volunteers, local governments, school districts, faith-based organizations, business, and industry leaders to improve literacy rates in their shared community. Most CLCPs are non-profit organizations whose mission is to improve adult literacy. The Technical College System of Georgia approves CLCPs on a 4-year cycle.



TCSG Professional Staff

Cayanna Good
Dr. Cayanna Good
Assistant Commissioner, Adult Education
Office: 404-679-1635

Carla DeBose
Carla DeBose
Director, Professional Development
CLCP State Executive Director
Office: 404-679-5257

CLCP Professional Association Board of Directors

Jessica Jennings
Baker-Mitchell Counties

Shirley Smith
Catoosa County


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