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Office of Adult Education 2021 Spring Conference

2021 Adult Education Conference logo

Adult Education: The Next Chapter!

Building the skills, we need to re-write the future of what is possible

Multiple costs available – see tickets below
DEADLINE: May 7, 2021

Virtual Conference!
Virtual Conference Information

*** REGISTRATION and PAYMENT Information ***

Deadline for Payment and Refund Requests: May 7, 2021

All REGISTERED attendees will receive conference materials from their Program Administrator prior to the beginning of the conference

1) Single Payment/Multiple Registrations

Purchase multiple tickets for an order IF you pay for the order with the same payment method. To use multiple payment methods (i.e. separate checks, multiple credit cards, guests, etc.), please create a new order for EACH payment method. You may purchase for others with or without registering yourself. Billing/Payment information will be taken after attendee registration.

2) Attendee Information

After choosing tickets, you will enter the Attendee Information for the ticket(s), including the person buying the tickets (if attending). Enter the CORRECT attendee information, using THEIR email and phone number. THE PURCHASER’s information will be entered at checkout, after attendees are entered.

*The attendee’s email address is used for the virtual platform. If this is incorrect at registration, they will not be able to sign in to the virtual conference.

3) Ticket/Payment Information

You will get an order receipt for all attendees YOU register and PAY for. A unique email link will be sent from the virtual platform, SpotMe, that will allow login several days before the conference.

*The conference platform will notify each attendee via email when available; tickets won’t be emailed for this virtual conference.

4) Modify Your Attendees After Order

An account with TCSG will be created upon check out. This will enable you to log back in, manage your orders, and edit attendees’ information. Come back to THIS PAGE after logging in to modify your attendees. If you have ordered from here before, you may already have an account and can log in/reset password at checkout.

Check back here for attendee information: https://www.tcsg.edu/event/2021-adult-education/tickets/ (you must be logged in to Your Account (https://www.tcsg.edu/my-account/), which is generated on placing an order. If you have place an order before, you will have the option to log in at checkout.)

*You will get a confirmation email on your account creation.
**If you’ve already created an account, you can login or reset your password at checkout.

***You will be locked out after 3 failed login attempts. Contact us if this happens.

Payment Options

1) Pay By Credit Card (preferred)

Credit Card Purchases will be authorized immediately. Remember your spending limits!

*** Partial Credit Card payments cannot be processed ***

2) Pay By Check

Make checks payable to: TCSG, Adult Education Activity Account #06918 State Vendor Number: 12093

Mail to: TCSG Attn: Accounts Receivable 1800 Century Place, Suite 500 Atlanta, GA 30345 (be sure to include the Invoice/Order Number PLUS Activity Account ON the check. A copy of the Invoice is helpful.)

* Please avoid partial check payments for orders *
** Create a new order if multiple checks will be used **

Contact Web Services if you have any questions or issues with these instructions.

web@tcsg.edu | 404.679.1658