Speaker Bio(s)

John Savage Headshot

John Savage is the Regional Administrator for the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service’s Atlanta Region.  Its eight states represent the most densely populated of any DOL region in the country.  In this capacity, John oversees $45 million in program funding to prepare transitioning service members for civilian employment in meaningful careers, provide individualized career services to veterans with significant barriers to employment, protect the employment and reemployment rights of service members, and promote veterans to the business community, educating them on the unique qualifications veterans bring to the table.

John is an Army veteran with service in the first Gulf War.  He began his civilian career as a Local Veterans’ Employment Representative promoting veterans’ employment. In 2003, having served in successive leadership positions, John was appointed to lead the Ohio Bureau of Veterans Services here he managed over $10 million in annual veterans’ employment and training funding and developed several interagency state programs which helped thousands of Ohio veterans gain meaningful employment.

John joined the Department of Labor in 2007 as a grants specialist the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service’s Chicago Regional Office.  More recently, he served as the Michigan State Director for Veterans’ Employment and Training (DVET), and Deputy Regional Administrator for the Atlanta Region. 

John holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toledo (magna cum laude), and currently resides in Austell, Georgia.