Whova Logo

How to Download the App

We’re excited to announce the 2019 WorkSource Georgia Academy will be using Whova, an interactive, easy-to-use app. To download the app, please follow the steps below:

  • Search “Whova” in the Apple Store or on Google Play from your mobile device.
  • Or click here from your mobile device’s web browser. You can also type www.whova.com/download.

How to Sign In

  1. Sign in Options: Enter the email address you used for event registration OR use your social media account.
  2. Create a password and type in your name.
  3. Editing your Profile: Other attendees will see this and network with you, so make sure it looks good. You can edit it later; click your profile picture (or the default headshot image) at the top-left corner of the event “Home.”

How to Set a Personal Agenda

  1. On the bottom menu bar, click Agenda.
  2. Navigate to and hit the event you would like to add to your Personal Agenda.
  3. Hit “Enroll & Add to My Agenda
  4. To view your personal agenda, hit the back button. On the top menu, toggle between Full Agenda and My Agenda.

How to Use Community Discussions

  1. On the bottom menu bar, click Community.
  2. Browse available discussion topics by scrolling through the list or hit Add a Topic or Social Group.

How to Expedite Your Check-In Process

  1. Click your profile picture on the top left.
  2. Click My Contact Info & QR Code.
  3. Click View my Code and show your code to WorkSource Staff so that they can scan you in. Increase the brightness of your mobile screen to ensure visibility.

How to Network with Other Attendees

  1. On the bottom menu bar, click Attendees.
  2. Scroll through the alphabetical list of attendees. You can click their name to view their:
    • app profile,
    • message them directly,
    • view their social media accounts,
    • or even schedule a time to meet during the Academy.
  3. Under the mass Attendee list, you can also browse attendees by:
    • All
    • Recommended
    • Bookmarked
    • Category (Speakers, Attendees, Staff)