Membership Roster

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Not pictured above:

Kevin Jackson, Jr., Emily Davidson, and Trish Ross.

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Board Chairman

Business Representatives

Ames Barnett

Dell Keith

Emily Davidson

Evelyn Olenick

Jerald Mitchell

Joe Yarbrough

Karen Viera

Kevin Jackson, Jr.

Logan Leslie

Roy “Trey” Edward Taylor III

Sam McCachern

Stuart Countess

Theresa Fisher

Tom Cook

Lisa Winton

Workforce Representatives

Bart Gobeil

Cayanna Good

Chris Tobiasson

James Wilburn

Kellie Brownlow

Mike Long

Randy Beall

Sam Dasher

Elected Officials

Commissioner Susan Andrews

Governor Brian Kemp

Rep. Buddy Harden

Sen. Frank Ginn

Agency Heads

Candice Broce

Chris Wells

Commissioner Greg Dozier

Trish Ross

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