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Blackboard is a Learning Management System that provides adult education students with the opportunity to participate in synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities that are created by local adult education providers. Once you have been given your login credentials, use your internet browser to go to to login. Students who need assistance should contact their local program or teacher. Local Adult Education staff who need assistance should follow local helpdesk protocols.

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Blackboard Learn is the Learning Management System that the Office of Adult Education uses with students so they can access educational content and live classroom instruction at-a-distance. Adult Education’s Blackboard portal is

Blackboard accounts for students are created when their local adult education program enrolls them in a student class in GALIS that has been designated as a Blackboard course. Local programs are responsible for giving students their usernames and instructions on how to log in to Blackboard.

Blackboard accounts for instructors are created when their local adult education program adds them as a staff member in GALIS. Instructors should contact their local Blackboard sub-administrator or supervisor for their username and instructions on how to log in to Blackboard.

Blackboard accounts for sub-administrators must be requested by the program administrator and submitted to the OAE Blackboard Helpdesk.

  • Blackboard Master Classes are for building content that is later copied into student classes. Local programs cannot create master classes. Use this form to request a master class. Blackboard Master Class Request Form
  • Blackboard Student Classes are created when a class is created in GALIS and designated as a Blackboard class. It takes two business days for the student class to show up in Blackboard. Once it is there, a local sub-admin should activate the class. Content from a master class can also be added. Programs should be able to accomplish this local. This form is for emergencies only. Blackboard Student Class Request Form
  • How Instructors can reset Student Passwords: This handout shows how instructors can access student account information and update a password. Word│ PDF
  • How Students can reset their own Passwords: This handout can be sent to students to show them how to reset their own password. Word│ PDF
  • Student Account Login Template: This document can be used with mail merge to send students their login information. Required Excel cells – First Name, Last Name, and Student GALIS ID. Word │ PDF

OAE Blackboard training is held and posted under the OAE Blackboard Training and Resources course, which is available for self-enrollment for all OAE-funded Adult Education program personnel with an AdultEdGo Blackboard account. Specific training on hosting Collaborate sessions, building content, and using your sub-administrator account are included. Contact your Blackboard sub-administrator if you need assistance enrolling in this course.

In addition, all “It’s GO Time with Blackboard” sessions, recordings, and materials are posted in the same course.

Blackboard provides excellent online resources. Keep in mind that OAE currently utilizes the “Original Experience.”

Blackboard has posted specific resources for hosting sessions in Collaborate Ultra, which is the videoconference platform built into Blackboard.

Georgia Virtual Technical Connection (GVTC) is the Distance Education department within the Technical Education division of TCSG. GVTC provides various opportunities for training on topics such as Blackboard Learn, Accessibility, Third Party, etc. This training portal provides access to faculty handouts, pre-recorded webinars, tutorials and other training resources.

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