Manufacturing, tourism, construction and film are just some of Georgia’s most in-demand industries. Find out how to tap into the career opportunities within these growing fields on this episode of Great Georgia Jobs.

Individual Segments

Futures Taking Flight

With the demand for pilots and aviation mechanics, students are being trained to enter Georgia’s aerospace industry.

Careers in Construction

Georgia’s construction industry is creating lucrative and promising career opportunities for jobseekers across the state with the help of this state-wide training program.

Futures in Fin-Tech

Georgia is fast becoming a leader in the financial technology sector, an industry that has created some very lucrative career opportunities for job seekers.

Food Tour Atlanta

Christy Lenz, creator of Food Tours Atlanta, discovered just one of the many career opportunities within Georgia’s tourism industry.

Lights, Camera, Action

Whitney Ellison is a props coordinator, working on the set of the Georgia-filmed “MacGyver” television series, just one of the exciting career opportunities in the state’s growing film industry.