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POSITION: Dental Hygiene Program Director/Administrator, Vidalia campus


The successful candidate will have various responsibilities related to the overall operation and management of the program. These responsibilities include:

  1. Program Operation, Supervision, and Evaluation: The director will oversee the day-to-day operations of the dental hygiene program. This involves ensuring that all aspects of the program are running smoothly, coordinating with faculty and staff, and addressing any issues that may arise. The director will also be responsible for evaluating the program’s effectiveness and making necessary revisions to improve its quality. The Program Director will also ensure the program complies with all the standards mandated by the Commission on Dental Hygiene Accreditation (CODA), thus upholding CODA Accreditation.
  2. Curriculum Development, Evaluation, and Revision: The director will play a key role in developing and updating the curriculum for the dental hygiene program. This includes designing courses, selecting appropriate instructional materials, and staying up-to-date with advancements in dental hygiene education. The director will also evaluate the curriculum’s effectiveness and make revisions as needed.
  3. Faculty Recruitment, Assignments, and Supervision: The director will be involved in the recruitment and selection of faculty members for the program. They will also assign teaching responsibilities to faculty members and provide supervision and guidance to ensure high-quality instruction. Additionally, the director will contribute to the evaluation process of faculty members.
  4. In-Service and Faculty Development: The director will initiate in-service training and professional development activities for program faculty. These activities aim to enhance their teaching skills and keep them updated on current trends and practices in dental hygiene. The director will coordinate these activities and ensure that faculty members have opportunities for continuous growth and improvement.
  5. Program Facilities: The director will be responsible for assessing, planning, and operating the program facilities. This includes ensuring that the facilities are well-equipped to support the educational needs of the program and providing a safe and conducive learning environment for students and faculty.
  6. Budget Preparation and Fiscal Administration: The director will have input into the budget preparation process for the program. They will work with relevant stakeholders to allocate financial resources effectively and responsibly. Additionally, the director will participate in fiscal administration, ensuring that program expenses are managed within the allocated budget.
  7. Admission Criteria and Student Promotion: The director will collaborate with others to determine the admission criteria and procedures for prospective students. They will also participate in evaluating student progress, determining promotion criteria, and establishing guidelines for student retention within the program.

The work schedule for this position is Monday through Thursday, with 10 hours per day. This schedule allows for concentrated time and focus on fulfilling the responsibilities of the position.

The minimum/preferred qualifications for the full-time director position in the dental hygiene program are as follows:

  1. Education Requirements: The qualified candidate must be a dental hygienist or a dentist who is a graduate of a program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, possesses a masters or higher degree, and has a background in education.
  2. Active Professional License in the State of Georgia: The candidate must possess an active professional license in good standing with the Georgia Board of Dentistry. This requirement ensures that the candidate meets the regulatory standards set by the state for practicing dental hygiene or dentistry.
  3. Professional Experience: The candidate should have professional experience relevant to understanding and fulfilling the goals of the dental hygiene program. This experience could include working as a dental hygienist or as a dentist. It provides the candidate with practical knowledge and insights into the field of dental hygiene.
  4. Administrative, Instructional, and Clinical Experience: The candidate should have experience in administrative roles, instructional roles, and clinical practice. Administrative experience helps the director manage the program effectively, instructional experience aids in curriculum development and teaching, and clinical experience allows for a comprehensive understanding of dental hygiene practices.
  5. Current Basic Life Support CPR Certification: The candidate must hold a valid and current Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR certification. This certification ensures that the candidate has the necessary skills to respond to medical emergencies and provide basic life support when required.
  6. Excellent Interpersonal Skills and Work Ethics: The candidate should possess strong interpersonal skills, enabling effective communication and collaboration with faculty, staff, students, and external stakeholders. Additionally, having good work ethics is important for maintaining professionalism and integrity in the role.
  7. Excellent Computer and Technology Skills: The candidate should have proficiency in computer and technology skills relevant to the responsibilities of the position. This includes knowledge of commonly used software, electronic record-keeping systems, and other tools that support administrative and instructional tasks.

Meeting these qualifications will ensure that the candidate is well-equipped to fulfill the responsibilities of the full-time director role in the dental hygiene program.


Salary is to be commensurate with education and work experience.  Benefits include paid state holidays, annual leave and sick leave, and the State of Georgia Flexible Benefits package.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Open until filled


All application packets MUST be completed via the Online Job Center.  As part of the application process, interested candidates will also be required to upload other documents such as a letter of interest, resume, and transcripts (see job center listing for more details).  For more information regarding this position or application instructions, please contact the Human Resources Office at 912-538-3230, 912-538-3162, or 478-289-2251 or email

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