White Papers

An Overview of eCampus

This white paper provides information on TCSG’s eCampus platform.

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An Overview of TCSG

This page provides a brief overview of the Technical College System of Georgia.

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TCSG Enrollment Trends: 2018-2023

TCSG’s enrollment trends from 2018 to 2023

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Training on the GO

Learn more about TCSG Office of Adult Education’s Training on the GO program.

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Overview of Adult Literacy

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Improving Application, Retention, and Data Collection

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This page lists awards won by TCSG’s Information Technology & Data Resources team.

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College Mergers

This page contains a listing of college mergers from previous years.

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Fast Facts and Annual Reports

These documents provide yearly information about TCSG’s activities.

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Program Fact Sheets for High-Demand Careers 

The Program Fact Sheets show enrollment, graduates, and colleges offering programs that lead to high-demand careers.

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Conference Presentations

Conference presentations by ITDR Staff

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Placement Tests, Initial Enrollments, and Student Outcomes

Conducted by Georgia Policy Labs, this analysis provides information on how placement test results and student characteristics are associated with student outcomes technical education at TCSG.

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Postsecondary Outcomes of Georgia’s Adult Education Students

Conducted by Georgia Policy lab, this analysis provides information on the postsecondary outcomes of Georgia’s Adult Education Students.

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AI-ALOE: AI for Reskilling, Upskilling, and Workforce Development

An article on the research, vision, and mission of the Artificial Intelligence Adult Learning and Online Education Institute.

Learn more about TCSG’s participation in the national Artificial Intelligence Institute for Adult Education and Online Education (AI-ALOE)