Data and Research provides access to the System Scorecard, Enrollment data, and more.

Research and Resources

TCSG historical information, white papers, and more.
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Innovative Grants

Learn more about TCSG’s participation in innovative grant initiatives.

System Scorecard

The System Scorecard contains performance metrics for all college pertaining to technical education, adult education, and economic development.
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Technical Education Enrollment & Graduate Data

This page contains enrollment and graduate data for technical education, including total student enrollment and credit hours, student demographics, financial aid, and high school data enrollment.
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Adult Education Research & Data Page

This page provides accurate data, reports, and actionable research related to the Office of Adult Education’s work.
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Program Fact Sheets for High-Demand Careers

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The Program Fact Sheets show enrollment, graduates, and colleges offering programs that lead to high-demand careers.

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Credit Enrollment, Graduates/Awards, and Placement Cognos Report

The Active Report Viewer can only be installed onto a Windows operating System computer, and is required to open the MHT file that has the stored report. See links below.

Step 1) – Download the Active Report Viewer (opens in new tab)

Step 2) – Download the MHT report file to open on your computer (opens in new tab)

Step 3) Click the Active Report Viewer .zip in the download location, and run the executable .exe file. Proceed with the installation steps as documented in the installation wizard

Step 4) Open the MHT report with the Active Report Viewer